End Poverty 2015 - Europe http://endpoverty2015.org/en/taxonomy/term/12/0 en UN MILLENNIUM CAMPAIGN CALLS FOR JOINT EUROPEAN ACTION TO ENSURE AID COMMITMENTS ARE MET AND AVOID A DEEPENING POVERTY CRISIS http://endpoverty2015.org/en/france/news/un-millennium-campaign-calls-joint-european-action-ensure-aid-commitments-are-met-and-avoid-deepenin/15/nov/08 <p>(STRASBOURG, November 15th) More than 1 million Europeans mobilized on October 17th --the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty -- under the Stand Up and Take Action initiative, to ask their Governments to keep their commitments on increasing aid quantity and quality, debt relief, and trade opportunities that will help poor countries to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). With this strong message, the United Nations Millennium Campaign (UNMC) is participating in<a href="http://www.eudevdays.eu" target="blank"> the European Development Days (EDD) in Strasbourg</a> from November 15-17. </p> <p>“The European Development Days take place when action is essential to limit the effects of the economic crisis on investment and growth in developing countries, and to secure commitments from donor countries to honour their promises on aid,” said Marina Ponti, Deputy Director, Europe of the United Nations Millennium Campaign.</p> <p>For the world’s 1.4 billion people living on less than $1.25 per day, having less purchasing power is literally a question of survival – the difference between whether their children get a meal each day or not, and whether it will be possible for them to attend school. “The amount of money that has been mobilized to face the global financial crisis has shown us that the real issue we face in combating poverty is not the availability of resources, but of political will,” said Ponti.</p> <p>Participants from EU Member States –including officials from governments and local authorities – gathering at the European Development Days will be invited to use their power, influence and voices to mobilize the political will needed to meet the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), a set of eight concrete goals aimed at eradicating global poverty and improving health and education by 2015 that 189 world leaders pledged to achieve.</p> <p>In order to collect messages against poverty and for the achievement of the MDGs from visitors, policy experts, international aid workers and the media, <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/32428030@N05/sets/72157609147394556/show/" target="blank">the UNMC is installing a European Commission co-branded “European Voices against Poverty” recording booth.</a> This awareness-raising tool debuted at the 2006 UN World Summit and since then has travelled to major global events to record “Voices against Poverty” and build public support for the MDGs. </p> <p>This year’s edition of the EDD will focus particularly on the critical role of local authorities in the fight against poverty and their contribution to the achievement of the MDGs. Accordingly, mayors and other local authority representatives present at the event will discuss with the delegates ways to better coordinate their strategies and actions and engage more decisively in the efforts to fulfil the MDGs.</p> <table width="60%" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0"> <tr> <td width="45" valign="middle"><img src="http://www.objectivo2015.org/imgs/fticon.png" width="35" height="28" /></td><td width="auto" valign="middle"> <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/32428030@N05/sets/72157609147394556/show/" target="blank">See the photos of the event<a></td> </tr> <tr> <td width="45" valign="middle"><img src="http://www.objectivo2015.org/imgs/vdicon.png" width="40" height="31" /></td><td valign="middle"><a href="http://www.objectivo2015.org/edd08videos.htm?KeepThis=true&TB_iframe=true&height=420&width=746&modal=true" title="" class="thickbox">Watch the videos online</a></td> </tr> </table> <br> Read the Press Release from the event and learn about the Millennium Campaign’s position: France Europe Global Partnership English Sat, 15 Nov 2008 17:17:25 +0000 WebEurope 419 at http://endpoverty2015.org Zapatero: MDGs will guide Spanish Development Policy http://endpoverty2015.org/en/spain/news/zapatero-mdgs-will-guide-spanish-development-policy/09/apr/08 <p>The Acting Spanish President, Jose Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, cited the <a href="http://endpoverty2015.org">Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)</a> as the key focus of his governments development and cooperation policies, while giving his inaugural speech in the Spanish Parliament yesterday.</p> <p>In front of the newly elected parliamentarians Zapatero stated, ”The United Nations will be our inspiration for our cooperation and development policy, through the Millennium Development Goals. The UN will also be our guide in the external action of Spain, stressing our support to peacekeeping operations. &#8220;</p> <p>Zapatero also restated his commitment to reach 0,7% of Spanish Gross National Product (<span class="caps">GNP</span> for Official Development Assistance (<span class="caps">ODA</span>) in 2012. &#8220;My conception of Spain, ladies and gentlemen, is a generous country supporting the fight against poverty. Thus, we are going to dedicate 0.7 per cent of our gross domestic product to official development assistance in by 2012.&#8221; </p> http://endpoverty2015.org/en/spain/news/zapatero-mdgs-will-guide-spanish-development-policy/09/apr/08#comments Spain Europe Global Partnership English Development Official Development Assistance (ODA) Zapatero Thu, 10 Apr 2008 03:18:00 +0000 admin 327 at http://endpoverty2015.org Mayors of the world commit to redoubling the efforts to achieve the MDGs http://endpoverty2015.org/en/africa/news/mayors-world-commit-redoubling-efforts-achieve-mdgs/01/apr/08 <p>Under the heading “Deepening local democratic governance to eradicate poverty and achieve the <a href="http://www.endpoverty2015.org">Millennium Development Goals</a>," the delegates to the Forum discussed potential ways of strengthening the role of Local Authorities both in the North and the South in the achievement of the MDGs.</p> <p>Marina Ponti, Director of the United Nations Millennium Campaign in Europe, delivered a keynote speech in the Opening Plenary Session calling on all Local Authorities from all over the world to actively promote and engage in the <span class="caps">STAND</span> UP <span class="caps">AND</span> <span class="caps">TAKE</span> <span class="caps">ACTION</span> <span class="caps">FOR</span> <span class="caps">THE</span> <span class="caps">MDGS</span> initiative on 17-19 October. </p> <p>‘You must ask yourselves’, Ms. Ponti told the Mayors, ‘where was I when over 43 million Stood Up for the MDGs in 2007?. But most importantly, you must ask yourselves “where will I be on 17-19 October 2008 when the world <span class="caps">STANDS</span> UP <span class="caps">AND</span> <span class="caps">TAKES</span> <span class="caps">ACTION</span> <span class="caps">FOR</span> <span class="caps">THE</span> <span class="caps">MDGS</span> again?&#8221; </p> <p>In addition to Ms. Ponti keynote speech, a promotional video of the <span class="caps">STAND</span> UP <span class="caps">AND</span> <span class="caps">TAKE</span> <span class="caps">ACTION</span> <span class="caps">FOR</span> <span class="caps">THE</span> <span class="caps">MDGS</span> initiative was also screened in the Opening Plenary Session and materials tailored to Local Authorities with information on how to participate in the <span class="caps">STAND</span> UP were also distributed to the Mayors and other delegates in the Forum.</p> <p>Finally, an announcement was also made by the organisation of the <a href="http://mirror.undp.org/switzerland/wacap/en/forum_valencia/prepevents.htm"><span class="caps">WACAP</span> Forum</a><br /> on behalf of <span class="caps">UCLG</span> to present the MDGs Call to Action initiative to the Local Authorities present in Athens and explain the ways in which they can engage in this process which will lead up to the celebration of a High Level Event in New York on 25 September 2008.</p> http://endpoverty2015.org/en/africa/news/mayors-world-commit-redoubling-efforts-achieve-mdgs/01/apr/08#comments Africa Arab Region Asia Europe Global Partnership Tue, 01 Apr 2008 15:09:54 +0000 admin 312 at http://endpoverty2015.org UNMC Launches "And You Didn't Even Know About It:" An Innovative Social Media Campaign to Communicate MDG Progress http://endpoverty2015.org/en/spanish-social-media-campaign-launch-ytusinenterarte <iframe align="middle" width="420" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/FeKACjBY5gY" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> <br> <br> <strong>From the 6th to the 20th of June 2012, this initiative will ask citizens to donate space on their Facebook or Twitter profiles and communicate major progress achieved on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and in the global fight against poverty. </strong> <br> <br> <strong>Madrid, 6th of June 2012 - </strong> The UN Millennium Campaign today launched an innovative social media campaign in Spanish called “y tu sin enterarte” (“and you didn’t even know about it”) to communicate major MDG achievements over the past decade. From the 6th to the 20th of June 2012, this campaign will ask citizens to donate space on their Facebook and Twitter profiles so they communicate major progress on the MDGs to their friends and followers. <br> <br> “This campaign wants to communicate that over the past decade tremendous progress has been made, and this is something we have achieved together – and which translates into tangible results for millions of men, women and children all over the world; a decline in global poverty, more children in school than ever before, a dramatic drop in child deaths worldwide, 2000 million people have gained access to safe drinking water and the ongoing fight against malaria and HIV/AIDS has already saved millions of lives – we think this must be communicated.” The UN Millennium Campaign Coordinator in Spain said at the launch of the campaign today “We must continue to work together to accelerate progress because a lot still remains to be done”. <br> <br> This campaign focuses mainly on social media, to allow citizens and organizations everywhere to participate directly in communicating these positive messages and inspire commitment. Donating your social profile is easy, by simply going online to <a href="www.ytusinenterarte.org">www.ytusinenterarte.org</a> and accepting an app which will ask you to donate space on either twitter or Facebook. From then on, once a day during the space of a week, a positive MDG related message will appear on your profile and inserted in your usual conversation with your friends and followers. <br> <br> Donating social media space is done through a free app, which leaves no trace or cookies and will disappear from the social profiles of the user once the campaign is over. Throughout the campaign the user remains in control of their Facebook or Twitter accounts and will be able continue to use it in their usual way. <br> <br> This campaign is launched just before Rio+20, the UN Summit on Sustainable Development, which takes place in Rio de Janeiro from the 20th to 22th de June 2012 and which will begin debating “the future we want”. <br> <br> This campaign is the result of the work of many partners, including corporate partners, civil society organizations and media – another example of the extraordinary partnerships and strong concerted efforts that have been formed to advance the MDGs all over the world. http://endpoverty2015.org/en/spanish-social-media-campaign-launch-ytusinenterarte#comments End Hunger Global Spain Universal Education Gender Equity Child Health Europe Maternal Health Combat HIV/AIDS Environmental Sustainability Global Partnership English MDGs Rio+20 Wed, 06 Jun 2012 19:56:05 +0000 admin 1323 at http://endpoverty2015.org The Millennium Campaign applauds the commitment of the Parliament of Cantabria (Spain) with the MDGs http://endpoverty2015.org/en/spain/news/millennium-campaign-applauds-commitment-parliament-cantabria-spain-mdgs/30/mar/11 <p>Rome March 30, 2011 – Miguel Ángel Palacio, President of the Parliament of Cantabria (Spain) met this morning in Rome with Marina Ponti, UN Millennium Campaign’s Deputy Director for Europe in recognition to the leading role that this regional parliament has had in the promotion of the MDGs in the last years.</p> <p>Since 2009, and in collaboration with the University of Cantabria and the regional newspaper “El Montañes”, the Parliament of Cantabria has coordinated the initiative Students of the Millennium, which has proved to be an excellent tool to increase support and knowledge on the MDGs. According to a recent survey, 80% of the university students of this region know about the 8 Goals, while Spanish national average reaches only 23%. Other regional parliaments in Spain, such as Castilla y León, La Rioja, Extremadura and País Vasco, have also successfully replicated this initiative.</p> <p>“We are in the run up to 2015 and significant progress has been made in some of the MDGs such as universal primary education or access to drinking water. However, much remains to be done in areas such as maternal and child health. As Ban Ki-moon, UN Secretary General, said the MDGs will not be achieved unless we mobilize citizen’s support. In this context, the commitment of regional parliaments, such as the Parliament of Cantabria, is crucial for the future of MDGs&#8221;, said during this meeting Marina Ponti, Deputy Director for Europe of the Nations Millennium Campaign United.</p> <p>The UN Millennium Campaign has been actively working with regional parliaments to promote the MDGs amongst their citizenry. With this purpose, the Campaign signed an agreement with <span class="caps">CALRE</span>, a European platform for regional parliaments, in 2009, and with <span class="caps">COPREPA</span> in early 2010 to work together on awareness raising initiatives and activities to promote the MDGs, preferably addressed at children and youth.</p> Global Spain Europe Global Partnership English Spain Wed, 30 Mar 2011 14:12:52 +0000 Miki 1302 at http://endpoverty2015.org Launch of the Human Development Report 20th Anniversary Edition in Rome http://endpoverty2015.org/en/end-hunger/news/launch-human-development-report-20th-anniversary-edition-rome/08/nov/10 <p>Rome, November 4, 2010: The UN Millennium Campaign, together with the <span class="caps">UNDP</span> Brussels Liaison Office, successfully launched the Executive Summary (in Italian) of the <span class="caps">UNDP</span> 2010 Human Development Report, “ The Real Wealth of Nations: Pathways to Human Development” in Italy. The event was held in one of the most prestigious rooms of the Italian Parliament.</p> <p>After a brief welcome message by the Campaign’s European Director, Marina Ponti, Antonio Vigilante, Director of the <span class="caps">UNDP</span> Office in Brussels, presented the report to an audience of over 100 people gathered together for the occasion.</p> <p>The presentation was followed by an animated roundtable discussion which saw the participation of a high profile group of panelists: the Head of the Directorate General for Italian Development Cooperation, the President of the Italian Institute of Statistics, the President of the <span class="caps">MDG</span> Italian Parliamentary Committee, one of the main representatives of the opposition party (Partito Democratico) and former Foreign Affairs Minister, as well as the President of the Italian Non-Governmental Organizations.</p> <p>The moderator, Carmen Lasorella, a well-known TV journalist, closed the discussion by reading excerpts from the personal statement issued by the President of the Italian Republic, Giorgio Napolitano, which underscored the particular importance of this year’s report.</p> End Hunger Global Italy Universal Education Gender Equity Child Health Europe Maternal Health Combat HIV/AIDS Environmental Sustainability Global Partnership English Thu, 04 Nov 2010 15:39:00 +0000 chiara 1195 at http://endpoverty2015.org Germany Makes Noise for MDGs http://endpoverty2015.org/en/end-hunger/news/germany-makes-noise-mdgs/29/sep/10 <p>It jammed, it grooved, it vibrated: The city of Bonn was like a music festival. But the theatrical and musical groups marching through Bonn&#8217;s streets did not just make noise. They also had a political message. &#8220;Stand Up Against Poverty,&#8221; they called out to the spectators. By 4:00 pm, all theater and music groups arrived in a protest march to the final event on the central market place, where the head of the UN Millennium Campaign in Germany, Renee Ernst, read the Stand Up pledge. She was accompanied by the participants of the Youth Conference &#8220;Youth Future Project.&#8221; </p> End Hunger Germany Global Universal Education Gender Equity Child Health Europe Maternal Health Combat HIV/AIDS Environmental Sustainability Global Partnership English Wed, 29 Sep 2010 15:01:00 +0000 Miki 1074 at http://endpoverty2015.org Join the Spanish Team! http://endpoverty2015.org/en/end-hunger/news/join-spanish-team/24/sep/10 <p>Madrid, The Spanish National Soccer Team, current World Champions, has participated in a <a href="http://www.uneteanuestroequipo.com/">video spot</a> to promote the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). </p> <p>The National coach, Vicente del Bosque, and other players of the team, including Casillas, Torres, Cesc, Xavi, Iniesta and Llorente, have participated in a video spot to raise awareness on the MDGs and build public support for the fight against poverty. </p> <p>The spot was launched today in Madrid, in the presence of the Secretary of State for Development Cooperation, Soraya Rodriguez, and the Secretary of State for Sports, Jaime Lissavetzky, together with the Secretary General of the Spanish Soccer Federation, Jorge Carretero and Jose Luis Astiazarán, President of the Professional Football League.</p> <p>The spot will be featured on the Spanish Public TV chanel (Televison Española) and will be shown at Spanish soccer stadiums during the league games.</p> <p><a href="http://www.uneteanuestroequipo.com/" target="_blank"><img src="https://www.box.net/shared/static/ghxxvt6zo6.jpg" ></a> </p> <p> <a href="http://www.uneteanuestroequipo.com/" target="_blank">WATCH THE VIDEO >></a> </p> End Hunger Global Spain Universal Education Gender Equity Child Health Europe Maternal Health Combat HIV/AIDS Environmental Sustainability Global Partnership English Fri, 24 Sep 2010 16:00:51 +0000 chiara 1058 at http://endpoverty2015.org Romans Make Noise for MDGs http://endpoverty2015.org/en/end-hunger/news/romans-make-noise-mdgs/21/sep/10 <p>Under the title “Beep Beep, Time to Remember” the UN Millennium Campaign in Italy, together with the European Institute of Design and Amnesty International-Italy, organized a flashmob for the fifth edition of “Stand Up, Take Action” in Italy.</p> <p>Piazza S. Maria in Trastevere, one of the most famous squares in downtown Rome, was the location of a colorful and noisy flashmob that took place on Saturday. At 7 p.m. sharp, volunteers invited all of the people gathered in the square to sound their alarm clocks, mobile phones and whatever they brought to make noise for one minute. At the same time, large yellow cut-outs of alarm clocks reading “Time to Remember” were held high in the air by people assembled in the square.</p> <p>After this action, the volunteers laid down on the ground to form, with their bodies, the number 2015.</p> <p>The event was supported by a teaser campaign carried out by students and volunteers who, during the two weeks preceding the event, had promoted it via the Internet (especially via social networks) and had circulated, throughout the city, posters and stickers to stir citizens’ curiosity with cryptic messages about the event.</p> End Hunger Global Italy Universal Education Gender Equity Child Health Europe Maternal Health Combat HIV/AIDS Environmental Sustainability Global Partnership English Tue, 21 Sep 2010 16:14:01 +0000 chiara 1050 at http://endpoverty2015.org "2015 time is running out" Stand Up event in Ghent, Belgium http://endpoverty2015.org/en/resources/videos/2015-time-running-out-stand-event-ghent-belgium-0 <p>Saturday 11 September the coalition of Belgian NGOs active in the North-South movement, called &#8217;2015 De Tijd Loopt&#8217; (freely translated: &#8220;2015 time is running out&#8221;) organised with the city of Ghent a very large event &#8216;Wachtnacht&#8217;. Stand Up banners were displayed in the square where 15.000 people gathered to listen to a free concert, take part in all sorts of activities to raise awareness on the MDGs and record a videofilm to be submitted to politicians in Belgium, Europe and in NY for the <span class="caps">MDG</span> Summit calling them to keep to their promises made in 2000.</p> End Hunger Viral Videos Universal Education Gender Equity Child Health Europe Maternal Health Combat HIV/AIDS Environmental Sustainability Global Partnership English Fri, 17 Sep 2010 17:57:52 +0000 chiara 1037 at http://endpoverty2015.org