End Poverty 2015 - Spain http://endpoverty2015.org/en/taxonomy/term/328/0 en The Millennium Campaign applauds the commitment of the Parliament of Cantabria (Spain) with the MDGs http://endpoverty2015.org/en/spain/news/millennium-campaign-applauds-commitment-parliament-cantabria-spain-mdgs/30/mar/11 <p>Rome March 30, 2011 – Miguel Ángel Palacio, President of the Parliament of Cantabria (Spain) met this morning in Rome with Marina Ponti, UN Millennium Campaign’s Deputy Director for Europe in recognition to the leading role that this regional parliament has had in the promotion of the MDGs in the last years.</p> <p>Since 2009, and in collaboration with the University of Cantabria and the regional newspaper “El Montañes”, the Parliament of Cantabria has coordinated the initiative Students of the Millennium, which has proved to be an excellent tool to increase support and knowledge on the MDGs. According to a recent survey, 80% of the university students of this region know about the 8 Goals, while Spanish national average reaches only 23%. Other regional parliaments in Spain, such as Castilla y León, La Rioja, Extremadura and País Vasco, have also successfully replicated this initiative.</p> <p>“We are in the run up to 2015 and significant progress has been made in some of the MDGs such as universal primary education or access to drinking water. However, much remains to be done in areas such as maternal and child health. As Ban Ki-moon, UN Secretary General, said the MDGs will not be achieved unless we mobilize citizen’s support. In this context, the commitment of regional parliaments, such as the Parliament of Cantabria, is crucial for the future of MDGs&#8221;, said during this meeting Marina Ponti, Deputy Director for Europe of the Nations Millennium Campaign United.</p> <p>The UN Millennium Campaign has been actively working with regional parliaments to promote the MDGs amongst their citizenry. With this purpose, the Campaign signed an agreement with <span class="caps">CALRE</span>, a European platform for regional parliaments, in 2009, and with <span class="caps">COPREPA</span> in early 2010 to work together on awareness raising initiatives and activities to promote the MDGs, preferably addressed at children and youth.</p> Global Spain Europe Global Partnership English Spain Wed, 30 Mar 2011 14:12:52 +0000 Miki 1302 at http://endpoverty2015.org MDGs Featured at Barcelona Marathon http://endpoverty2015.org/en/spain/news/mdgs-featured-barcelona-marathon/08/mar/10 <p>Barcelona, March 8, 2010- 2010 is a key year in the fight against poverty. As one of the four European Millennium Development Goal (<span class="caps">MDG</span>) Committed Cities, Barcelona has redoubled its efforts to raise awareness among its citizens of the importance of the MDGs and the need for both rich and poor countries to achieve them.</p> <p>In collaboration with the Spanish Millennium Campaign, the Municipality of Barcelona has decided to promote the MDGs at eight different athletic races that take place in Barcelona in 2010. In each of these races, the MDGs and the UN Millennium Campaign will feature prominently and be promoted before and during the actual competitions.</p> <p>On Sunday March 7, the 32nd edition of the Barcelona Marathon, which has over 12,000 participants and 100,000 spectators, included an inflatable arch featuring the 8 MDGs, produced by the Municipality of Barcelona in collaboration with the Spanish Millennium Campaign. The “Expo Marathon” &#8211; a space that featured entertainment activities – featured a Voices Against Poverty box, where citizens recorded messages in support of the MDGs.</p> <p>In addition to the “8 races” initiative, the UN Millennium Campaign and the Municipality of Barcelona will also join forces for the “Barcelona Mercè Festival”. This festival, including more than 500 cultural, sports and media events, will take place on September 22-25, right after the <span class="caps">MDG</span> Review Summit that heads of state will attend at the United Nations in New York. This year, the MDGs will be the main theme of the Festival and will be featured in numerous spaces across the city.</p> <p>Barcelona was recognized last October as one of the four European Millennium Development Goal (<span class="caps">MDG</span>) Committed Cities, along with Paris, Munich and Milan. As part of this recognition, the City Council agreed to actively promote the MDGs throughout 2010.</p> <p><a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/36399174@N02/sets/72157623577684842">View pictures</a><br /> <a href="http://www.bcnsolidaria.tv/tv/">View videos</a></p> Spain English 2010 Marathon MDGs Spain Mon, 08 Mar 2010 18:02:49 +0000 Sebastian Majewski 648 at http://endpoverty2015.org Better Aid: A Necessary Condition for Development http://endpoverty2015.org/en/europe/news/better-aid-necessary-condition-development/15/sep/08 <p>On September 4 in Madrid, the Spanish Millennium Campaign and the Platform for Development NGOs in Spain launched the brochure <strong>Better Aid: A Necessary Condition for Development </strong> a joint publication that details a series of recommendations to donor countries, and in particular to Spain, to improve the way in which aid is delivered. Representatives from both organizations, present at the Third High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness that was taking place in Accra (Ghana), also reported by video conference on the main findings of this international summit.</p> <p>Juana Bengoa, representative of the Spanish Platform for Development NGOs who was in Accra, highlighted the importance of this international forum. “Now, it is time not only to get government promises on paper but also to change the aid system, extending the participation of civil society and fixing more precise commitments,” she said hours before the final Declaration at Accra was issued. </p> <p>Thomas Deves, policy officer of the <span class="caps">UNMC</span> in Africa, pointed out the important role that civil society from both developed and developing countries had played in Accra, both during the High Level forum and the previous civil society preparatory summit. “Civil society organization has managed to put forward a common agenda,” he said. “These are key priorities to make aid work and reach the Millennium Development Goals by 2015.”</p> <p>The role and vision of civil society on aid effectiveness is one of the issues addressed in the Spanish Better Aid brochure. “The Aid effectiveness agenda needs to go beyond the Paris Declaration and promote the elimination of aid conditionality, reinforce the need for transparency, and improve aid predictability, among other issues,” said the President of the Platform for the Development NGOs in Spain, José Mª Medina, when summing up key recommendations included in the publication. </p> <p>During the brochure presentation, Marina Navarro, Coordinator of the Spanish Millennium Campaign, also reminded attendees that “effective aid complements the resources of developing countries in a way that allows them to finance those policies that are really necessary for their development. In many countries, we are still far from this.&#8221;</p> <p><strong>Results in Accra </strong></p> <p>Three days of intense negotiations in the Third High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness have ended with the Accra Agenda for Action where developed and developing countries agreed to take bold steps to reform the way aid is given and spent. Developing countries are committing to taking control of their own futures, donors to co-ordinating better amongst themselves, and both parties to the Agenda are pledging to account to each other and their citizens.</p> <p>The Accra Agenda for Action is the product of an unprecedented alliance of development partners: developing and donor countries, emerging economies, UN and multilateral institutions, global funds and civil society organisations.</p> http://endpoverty2015.org/en/europe/news/better-aid-necessary-condition-development/15/sep/08#comments Europe Global Partnership English Accra Aid effectiveness Spain Mon, 15 Sep 2008 20:34:36 +0000 Sebastian Majewski 362 at http://endpoverty2015.org