In the past 2 years India has seen its share of scandals; the 2G Spectrum and Commonwealth Games inflicted lasting damage on the Indian psyche that culminated in the Anna-Hazare led people’s movement against corruption and the demand for an all-encompassing anti-corruption legislation, the Jan Lokpal Bill, to usher in greater transparency and accountability in governance in the country.

The Citizens Feedback Initiative (CFI) in India is a mechanism that allows citizens to demand and track their basic entitlements and services of health, education, water and livelihoods among others through various national and local level government schemes which align with the MDGs.

The initiative is being implemented in 2 pilot locations – the predominantly tribal Koraput District in Orissa state and the quasi-urban Sehore district in Madhya Pradesh.

CFI is locally branded as “Samadhan,” which means “resolution” in Hindi.

Samadhan is being used in 2 Indian regions: Koraput and Sehore

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