In August of 2010, Kenyans voted for a new constitution to replace the independence constitution of 1963. Among other things, the current Constitution provides a framework for citizen centered constitutional democracy, strengthens the framework for accountability and outlines a Bill of Rights. It also stipulates principles and ethics of good governance, and creates devolved structures to ensure citizens actively participate in decisions that shape their lives. However, a substantial portion of the population remains uninformed of these opportunities and obligations.

The Citizens Feedback Initiative called “Huduma” is a coordinated mechanism for increasing citizen voices in relation to access of basic services and aims to create a direct channel for engagement between citizens and duty bearers. Through this initiative, citizens’ voices will be amplified as they demand basic public services and be channeled to relevant authorities for action.

Huduma is being piloted in 4 areas in Kenya.

To visit Huduma’s website, please click here.

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