Audio Gallery of MDG Success Stories From UNMC Spanish Campaign

The UN Millennium Campaign teams up with RNE – the Spanish National Radio Station- to talk the progress made towards the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals.  Listen to the following five broadcasts aired at the leading radio morning show “En días como hoy” and learn more about the significant changes we have achieved in the fight against poverty up until now.

06/18/2012 MDG 4: In the last 20 years, we have managed to reduce by 4.4 million the number of children under the age of five that die in a year. Amalia Navarro Head of the UN Millennium Campaign in Spain introduces this series of reports on MDG success stories. UNICEF Representative in Nigeria, Guido Cornale, talks on the progress made on the reduction of child mortality and the challenges ahead.

Radio Broadcast 1 (SP)

06/19/2012 MDG 6: In the last decade, we have reduced new malaria infections by 20%. Quique Bassat Malaria Expert from the Barcelona Center for International Health Research and Pedro Alonso Director of the Barcelona Institute for Global Health talk on measures taken to prevent infection and the future malaria vaccine.

Radio Broadcast 2 (SP)

06/20/2012 MDG 7: We have already met the target of providing access to safe drinking water. Today 2 billion people more have today access to water. Josefina Maestu, Director of the UN Water Office in Spain, talks about this great achievement. Maria Fare, Program Coordinator of the MDG Achievement Fund, talks about a project in the Philippines to empower local communities to develop, operate and manage water supply utilities.

Radio Broadcast 3 (SP)

06/21/2012 MDG 2: Progress made on access to primary education: 39 million children have now access to school. Interview with Stefano Pettinato, UNDP MDG Policy Advisor for Latin America and the Caribbean, and stories form Fernando Trinidad coordinator for bilingual education in Mexico DF and Wini Farao, advocate for schooling for girls in Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Ghana and Zambia.

Radio Broadcast 4 (SP)

06/22/2012 MDG 8: The current situation of Official Development Aid and the progress made on access to new technologies in developing countries. How access to IT is this contributing to the achievement of the MDGs and general economic growth. Charles Abugre Akelyira, Deputy Director of the UN Millennium Campaign Africa, explains the HUDUMA, an innovative platform that uses mobile and web technology to improve service delivery in Kenya.

Radio Broadcast 5 (SP)