The Millennium Development Goals offer a cross-cutting framework for reporting on issues of poverty, development, health, education, the environment, aid, trade and debt relief. As a campaign supporting citizens’ efforts to hold their governments accountable for achieving the Goals, the UN Millennium Campaign can offer journalists perspectives from Africa, Asia, Europe and North America on:

  • Progress on the Millennium Development Goals, including the actions governments in both rich and poor countries must take in order to deliver on their promises
  • Actions taken by citizens and civil society to hold governments accountable for delivering on their commitments to meet the Goals
  • How major global developments (such as the economic crisis) will impact the world’s poor and the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals
  • Outcomes of international meetings, summits and gatherings of world leaders, including comment on the actions governments should take at these meetings to meet their commitments

With a wide network of partners, including civil society organizations, faith-based groups, NGOs, youth, parliamentarians and local governments, we can also refer journalists to a diverse range of people around the globe and provide grassroots, personal stories about people’s lives around the world in the presence and absence of the Millennium Development Goals.

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