Ongoing Work

2012 has been a busy year for the United Nations Millennium Campaign and the development field as a whole. In June the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development took place as the world continues to look towards a more sustainable future. UNMC has been working year round to look at the effect and possibilities for parliamentarians to have great influence over the poverty agenda and the Millennium Development Goals. Furthermore, UNMC along with a wide array of partners within the United Nations as well as outside stakeholders are beginning seriously look at the post-2015 agenda, a chance to make one final push (such as GML) for the MDGs, learn from them and create a new more inclusive development agenda post-2015.

This section outlines the UN Millennium Campaign’s work in these areas and others, highlighting some of the thematic areas of our work.

Post 2015The United Nations Millennium Campaign, along with many partners within the United Nations as well as Civil Society Stakeholders are now looking at prospects for the Post-2015 agenda. As we look towards the year 2015, … Continue reading
MDG AdvocacyIt is more critical now than ever that the Millennium Development Goals remain in the political and public spotlight. Since 2002 the UN Millennium Campaign has been advocating with key UN partners and constituents outside … Continue reading
Parliamentarian WorkAll over the World Parliamentarians play a key role in teh achievement of the Millennium Development Goals. Parliamentarians can help shape a consensus and must invest greater efforts in reinforcing accountability, both in their oversight function … Continue reading