Empowering Citizens through Tingog

When Rosemarie Burac, a resident of Barangay Fatima, Tabaco, was pregnant with her 3rd child, she contracted a whooping cough. She was referred to the municipal hospital, but when she got there, the doctor was in a rush to go home. She was left with no option but to shell out money and avail the services of a private doctor.

Although she has yet to submit a report to Tingog, Rosemarie has noticed how health services have improved ever since the launch of the Tingog project. Whereas before, the local doctor would arrive at 11AM, now the doctor comes at her appointed time at 8AM. The attitude of health workers has also improved. The nurses, midwives and barangay health workers have become more caring and understanding towards their patients. This is completely opposite to what Rosemarie experienced when she was treated arrogantly and was embarrassed during one visit to the local health center.

Rosemarie appreciates Tingog as a tool to make her voice heard. “With Tingog, I feel empowered to report complaints and assert my rights. Before, I was afraid of making my concerns heard. Now, I feel comforted that in case any incident arises again, I can report it to Tingog.”