Tingog, A Helping Hand to Barangay Health Workers

Cecilia Regondola, 58 years old, of Barangay Agnas, has been a barangay health worker (BHW) for almost thirty years. She is grateful to Tingog because of the concrete changes it has brought about to the health of her community by increasing health awareness and behavior among citizens and improving service delivery.

The grassroots communications and advocacy campaign of Tingog has successfully encouraged mothers to avail of services provided by the health centers. Cecilia feels that with Tingog, it is now easier to convince pregnant mothers to undergo regular check-ups  and give birth in health centers. Mothers are now more encouraged to bring their children for immunization. At the same time, a surprising effect of Tingog is that traditional birth attendants have become hesitant to provide services, for fear of being reported to Tingog.

Cecilia has also noticed how Tingog has encouraged service providers to adopt a more service-oriented attitude. “The attitude of midwives and their focus on their work have improved greatly. They are now more client-oriented and even treat us, BHWs, better.”