Spanish Civil Society Consultation on the #Post2015 agenda held in Madrid

Civil Society Consultation on the Post2015 agenda held in Madrid, Spain.

Madrid.- Close to 100 Spanish civil society organizations participated today in Madrid during the #Post2015 Consultation with Civil Society in Spain, organized by the UN Millennium Campaign. The objective was to debate the priorities identified by Spanish CSO for Post2015 development agenda.

The first introductory panel focused on the priorities identified on the preparatory meetings that included experts on youth, development, human rights and environmental sustainability. The second panel opened the discussion to representatives from the Government of Spain, international CSO, the UN and local authorities’ networks.

All participants unanimously agreed that the UN Millennium Goals have played a crucial role in the fight against extreme poverty and have help to set up for the first time a common development agenda for all UN member states.

The conclusions drawn from this consultation process in Spain will be gathered and entered into the UN system By the UN Millennium Campaign.

This CSO dialogue is part of the consultation process put in place by the UN to set up a new development agenda before the MDGs deadline is reached in the year 2015.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon gave the UN Millennium Campaign the mandate to ensure participation of civil society in the post2015 dialogue.