Key Recommendations from the Asia Post-2015 Alternative Narratives Meeting


23 – 24 March, 2013 Bali, Indonesia

Representatives of civil society organizations, people’s movements, academics and researchers deliberating over two days to consider alternative narratives on development, propose the following analysis and recommendations for the consideration of the High Level Panel on the Post-2015 Development Agenda1.

The discourse on a successor development framework to the MDGs is taking place at a time of profound shifts and changing dynamics. We are deeply concerned about the continuing harsh environment for sustained well-being, inclusive economic growth, social transformation, and fulfilment of human rights. The structural and systemic underpinnings
of the crisis of finance, energy, food, land and water, and the resulting turbulence and
uncertainties; widening global and national inequalities; a model of global economic
governance that imposes excessive fiscal discipline on borrowing countries; cutbacks in
public spending in areas such as health, education, water, sanitation and programs for social protection; and poorly regulated privatisation and public-private partnerships continue to stifle economic and human potential.

Rising risks and vulnerabilities from climate change; growing numbers of working poor and
people with precarious livelihoods; excessive dependence on extractive industries that are
environmentally destructive and unsustainable; and persistent and new conflicts, intensify
and entrench poverty and suffering, increase the numbers of internally displaced persons and refugees, and raise levels of violence against women, young people and the most

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