Post-2015 agenda: what we want and how do we want it done.

developement report

When the consultation process on the post-2015 agenda was opened in 2013, we asked citizens what they wanted to be included. During this time participants have shown interest not only on the content of this agenda, but also on how this should be implemented, including the roles and responsibilities of different stakeholders

To give all this people a space to express their opinions on those issues were designed The Dialogues on Implementation of the Post-2015 Development Agenda. These dialogues will give particular attention to issues necessary for implementation, but which have not been fully explored in inter-governmental negotiations yet.

The dialogues, which will run from April 2014 to April 2015, will be a series of public meetings and on-line discussions where policy planners, civil society representatives, academics, community and private sector leaders will discuss, focus on these six themes:

  1. Localizing the Post-2015 Agenda
  2. Helping to StrengthenĀ  Capacities and Build effective Institutions
  3. Participatory Monitoring Ā for Accountability
  4. Partnerships with Civil Society
  5. Engaging with the Private Sector
  6. Culture and Development

It is hoped that the dialogues will kick-start partnership and implementation mechanisms to form the foundation of the new development agenda, so that come September 2015 people the world over are mobilized to begin implementation.

Learn more about the Dialogues on Implementation here.