The Millennium Campaign started its operation in the Asia-Pacific region in mid-2006. Currently, India and the Philippines are the two core programming countries, while we support the work of our civil society coalition partners in other partnership countries such as Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, and Indonesia. We work closely with national CSO coalitions, UN systems, media, parliamentarians, local governments, youth groups, faith-based organizations, and private sector.

Based on the UNMC global strategy, the major focus in the region is the Citizen Feedback Initiative (CFI) which is being piloted in India and the Philippines. The aim is to successfully complete the proof of concept and initiate policy advocacy actions based on the analysis of citizens’ feedback on service delivery, while exploring the possibility of further replication of the initiative beyond the initial pilot locations.

UNMC Asia also supports participatory consultation processes on MDG acceleration and the post-2015 development framework at the regional and national levels. Ongoing initiatives include: engaging parliamentarians and civil society organizations in sub-regional and regional discussions, a country research project on civil society perspectives on the MDG experiences and critical issues for the post-2015 agenda, and a civil society facilitated discussion on the issues of inequalities.